You are worth more than numbers

Tomorrow, your memory will be different. Capitalize today on your immaterial wealth.

Helping you build and preserve your memory capital

You choose the most important deposits of life you want to make, for you or for the next generation.

Memocap expertly manages your important data in the support most suited to your needs: private server, secure cloud, video, book.

We don’t just organize your material: we create context and meaning from them.

Memocap works with private individuals to capture and share their family legacies

As your immaterial wealth manager, we treat your memory capital as an important asset like any other. If not planned properly, your wealth has vanished in 3 generations.

This is true for material and for immaterial wealth. Both deserve a proper planning. We organize your data and provide you with personalized IT solutions to safeguard them.

We produce artful books and films that reflect the indelible worth of your family legacy.



Your memory capital is unique

Together with you, Memocap determines your needs in building a memory capital.

We define your personalized modules: family, childhood, career, values, visions, etc. and build the foundation of your immaterial capital. In books or in films, through skilful interviewing, media digitization, designing and writing.

Your immaterial capital is in constant evolution. We meet on an annual basis to update all your important data.

Swiss precision and privacy at the service of your memory

Switzerland has focused for decades on magnifying time and its course.

Memocap aims to capture personal and global evolutions over time.
It is your memory account, offering you the same level of security and service you can expect from a Swiss bank account.

Our IT solutions are Swiss based, benefitting from Swiss laws for privacy and security.
Switzerland has some of the strictest laws regarding data privacy.